Online Casinos Odds on Supreme Court Judge

Posted by Gilbert Azzoppardi on March 2, 2017 in Gambling |

Sandra Day Oconnor, the first female judge on the Supreme Court bench, has announced her retirement last week. As advocacy groups support another female or minority nominee to keep the diversity of the high court, many online casinos players stopped wondering who will be the new judge and took the opportunity some online casinos are offering – gambling on who will be the next supreme court judge.

Sportsbook online casinos already released odds on who will be Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court.
The oddsmakers at Sportsbook online casinos prepared a short list of candidates. Among the contenders are attorney general Alberto Gonzales and Emilio Garza. Sportsbook online casinos list two Hispanic three women as potential nominees. If a Hispanic will be chosen that will be the first time in a Hispanic American will be nominated to the Supreme Court.

Marketing Director for Sportsbook online casinos, Alex Czajkowski, says “This nomination is already taking on the air of a U.S. presidential campaign as supporters on all sides of the political spectrum are rushing to endorse their candidate with multimillion dollar public relations campaigns. With the stakes so high this really is becoming a very entertaining story that is getting a lot of media attention. We at Sportsbook online casinos are thrilled to give our online casinos fans the chance to bet on the outcome”.

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