Online Casinos Players Feel the Festive Atmosphere

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King Neptune’s and Trident Lounge, to leading online casinos sites, are offering their online casinos players a festive array of new games and promotions just in time for the holidays. With new additions to the site, such as the Holiday Countdown Calendar, the ‘Great Giveaway Promotion’, or new games like Vegas Strip Multi-hand Blackjack, there’s something for everyone.

But the biggest addition to the King Neptune’s online casino family is the four new games on offer: Vegas Strip Multi-hand Blackjack, Muchos Grande!, Jacks or Better 100 Play Power Poker, and Loaded Video Slots. Each game is unique in its own way, and builds itself on a more well-known version. For those of you who love Vegas Strip Blackjack, you’ll love this one! And all slots fans, Muchos Grande! and Loaded Video Slots are the games for you! And don’t forget to try the online casinos version of Jacks or Better for an interesting twist on the game.

Many online casinos are preparing for the holiday season with great offers for their loyal online casinos fans. New games, promotions, and giveaways are only the tip of the iceberg with these sites. Online gambling fans, be sure to check out the new offers going on at your favorite online casino. You won’t be sorry!


Online casinos offer strange baseball odds

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Many online casinos have gone from featuring odds on when baseball players will be breaking records to when or who the next player will be to fail a steroid test and get suspended. Of notable mention is Bodog, the online sports book and casino which has posted odds on its online casinos site on whether or not another player will be suspended for using banned substances this season. This has all come about, of course, because of the recent headline-worthy story of Baltimore Orioles slugger Rafael Palmeiro who was recently suspended for 10 days after it was revealed he tested positive for steroids.

“It is big news when you hear about a player with 3,000 career hits testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, but even so it is not entirely surprising, especially in light of Major League Baseball’s commitment to revamping its drug-testing policy.” said Calvin Ayre, Bodog online casinos founder.

Not only does “Raffy” have over 3,000 career hits, he also has over 500 career home runs which put him in an exclusive club and which, before the revelation of the drug test failure, had led to speculation on sports shows and at online casinos on whether Palmeiro would make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. That all changed, though, with the drug test, with even members of the U.S. Congress suggesting perjury charges may be in order due to Palmeiro’s denial of steroid use months ago before a Congressional hearing in Washington, D.C.

Other Major League Baseball stars, like Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, have been the subject of speculation regarding the use of banned substances, which in part was spurred by a book by former baseball star Jose Canseco where allegations were leveled at other players and which – prior to the Palmeiro scandal – led to many in the sporting world to discount the Canseco accusations as overblown fibbing. With online casinos now offering odds of -200 on whether another star, with 200 plus home runs, will be suspended by the end of the season, the legacy of Canseco, Palmeiro and others will surely be felt in online casinos and sports books offering odds on baseball for quite some time to come.


Online Casinos Operator Hires Top Businessman

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Vivian Imerman, a 49-year-old top businessman from London, has joined the Crystal Gaming family. Imerman will be the new chairman for the online casinos leader, and rumors say he might even purchase a ten percent share of the online casinos company.

Crystal Gaming operates numerous online casinos as well as m-gaming sites and is rumored to be planning a GBP 140 million IPO launch on the London AIM exchange. It is also rumored that the online casinos giant intends to make this move with Seymour Pierce as its advisers. With South African-born Imerman the company will surely get a large boost by utilizing his experience and expertise in European business.

Imerman is reported to be worth GBP 400 million. He is also the main shareholder for the well-known Scottish whisky group, Whyte and MacKay. The no-nonsense businessman had a successful career in foods before selling the Del Monte group in 1999 to Cirio, an Italian company, for GBP 380 million. Crystal Gaming stands to benefit greatly from this business guru, both in the operating and running of its online casinos and other gaming sites, as well as its potential listing in London. And if the online gambling sites are run more efficiently, online casinos members will be the happiest of all of the parties involved.


Online Casinos Offerings Boosted by Technology

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Thanks to Internet and television media, poker has officially exploded outside of its native US homeland in 2005. CEO of Party Gaming, Richard Segal, a leading online casinos operator, sees technology boosting the poker explosion further in the New Year. Online casinos poker became center stage in the online gambling industry last year, and ignited three huge London stock market floatations, generating revenues of around $2 billion and releasing poker games and books which are spreading all over the world.

Online Casinos operator, Party Gaming, is responsible for approximately half of the $2 billion sum, with large plans for future growth and expansion. The company is constantly looking for potential acquisitions, and is also considering the future online casinos venues of mobile phones and interactive television to reach more players and a wider audience.

Party Gaming is also planning on launching its current and new online casinos games in six new languages and currencies. A ‘shared purse’ will also be launched, helping online casinos players switch from game to game, and finally, its new Party Casino site is supposed to be as popular as the existing Star Luck Casino it runs. It seems that 2006 is going to be a huge year for Party Gaming, and its online gambling players.


Online Casinos Offer First Games Of 2006

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Among the online casinos competing to bring out the first games of 2006 is the Jackpot Factory Group. The ECOGRA member is one of the largest online casinos using Microgaming technology and as a result, four of its casinos are offering bonus loyalty points for players that try out any one of the group’s four new games. The group’s online casinos First Web Casino, All Jackpots Casino, Wild Jack Gaming and All Slots Casino are also offering casino players a chance to participate in a $20,000 bonus raffle.

Two of the new games found at the Jackpot Factory Group’s online casinos are for slots fans. Harveys is a multi-coin slot game featuring five reels, while Mardi Gras offers casino players a three-coin slot game with three reels. Poker fans can test out the new Deuces Wild 100 Play Power Poker game at Jackpot’s online casinos. And for blackjack fans, Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack is similar to blackjack games found at other online casinos but offers a higher number of bonus rounds.

David Brickman of the Jackpot Factory Group stated at the time of the release that further new games can be expected at the group’s online casinos each month. He also advised casino fans can look forward to increased promotions similar to the $20,000 lottery draw at all four online casinos in the future.


Online casinos Odds on WSOP

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The Bodog online casinos site qualified over 70 online casinos players for the WSOP. Now Bodog online casinos offer the complete and current online casinos odds on the WSOP. The favored poker superstars at Bodog online casinos are Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu and they are estimated at 200/1. Bodog online casinos feature odds of 225/1 on other top online casinos players such as Phil Hellmuth, Howard Lederer, Gus Hansen, Chris Ferguson and Erick Lindgren.

Founder and CEO of Bodog, Calvin Ayre, said “With the online casinos poker being so popular our online casinos players have been eager to gamble on the WSOP. This event combines our two biggest powers – event gambling and online casinos poker.”

Bodog online casinos are bound to make a few waves at the 2005 WSOP. On top of the 70 member team Bodog online casinos will offer online casinos odds and will host the Bodog Poker & Sports Marketing Conference in Las Vegas. Sports and poker VIPs are expected to attend this online casinos conference. For the current odds you can visit bodog online casinos.


Online Casinos Odds on Supreme Court Judge

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Sandra Day Oconnor, the first female judge on the Supreme Court bench, has announced her retirement last week. As advocacy groups support another female or minority nominee to keep the diversity of the high court, many online casinos players stopped wondering who will be the new judge and took the opportunity some online casinos are offering – gambling on who will be the next supreme court judge.

Sportsbook online casinos already released odds on who will be Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court.
The oddsmakers at Sportsbook online casinos prepared a short list of candidates. Among the contenders are attorney general Alberto Gonzales and Emilio Garza. Sportsbook online casinos list two Hispanic three women as potential nominees. If a Hispanic will be chosen that will be the first time in a Hispanic American will be nominated to the Supreme Court.

Marketing Director for Sportsbook online casinos, Alex Czajkowski, says “This nomination is already taking on the air of a U.S. presidential campaign as supporters on all sides of the political spectrum are rushing to endorse their candidate with multimillion dollar public relations campaigns. With the stakes so high this really is becoming a very entertaining story that is getting a lot of media attention. We at Sportsbook online casinos are thrilled to give our online casinos fans the chance to bet on the outcome”.

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